Unhealthy Things You Might Not Know You Do

First thing, over packing a heavy purse. Not everyone does it, but many women do or was guilty of it at some point. It’s hard because you need your wallet, sunglasses, camera, a lens if you need it and anything else that you want to take with you. Ironically, most the time we don’t end up using half of the things that we carry around in our bag.

Save yourself the backache and switch to a Crossbody bag or a small backpack. You can carry your wallet or a small cardholder for your money or other things, your sunglasses and your phone.

Second thing that most of us have done or see is spending a lot of money on certain pieces that may not be worth it or may be lower quality or just ridiculously priced. Some people when they see certain brands automatically assume that the product is the quality and is good and is worth buying but it’s not always true so look at the materials used in the product, the scene and the stitching or texture of the fabric.

Don’t let the runway and fashion trends control your personal style. Trends and runway styles are either one-of-a-kind and most people will never be able to afford them. That trends that you see the general public where are there to guide and inspire you as well as keep you up to date with the latest trends.

If you’re a girl that wears heels to work to school everywhere she goes it’s time to take care of your feet and give you a break every now and then try carrying a pair of Fold over flats in your purse or a clutch if your at a party or even if your at work. When no one’s around you can switch into your flats so no one sees you, it’s so much better for your back, for your posture and your feet.highheelshealthth


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