About Me

Hey Reader,

I love riding horses and as a competing equestrian I spend a lot of time in the horse world and their fashion. Art is also a interest and I put on facet of it to work in my DIYs. Fashion is a huge part of me, I like to try different styles and take from each of them and put it into my art, jewelry and style. I watch youtube videos on them and spend so much time implementing them into my own style, form goth to kawaii I have tried them along with my interests in what is current. If you have a style to suggest to me for me to post or make a diy on feel free to contact me or comment. Besides that I am a Youtuber and would love your support. My youtube channel is smaller than my blog at this point so I just post videos from my blog. My style is definitely more on the edgy side but I won’t keep only to that when posting.

The technical stuff⇓

Residence:Washington State, United States

Natural hair and eye color: Black, Brown



Now let me hear from you!

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