Cyborg Steam Punk Hand Art- Theater Makeup

I am an artist and I love makeup so it wasn’t hard for me to find that I was good at theater makeup and body art. This year at my school we produced the classic My Fair Lady. It was … Continue reading

The Clothes You Rarely Wear

There are certain pieces of clothes were just never seem to wear, we may wear them every once in a while, but mostly they adorn our wardrobes. I have compiled a list of clothes and shoes you rarely wear. Most people will have or have had these types of clothes at some point in their life. Continue reading

2015 Fall Fashion Trends

Despite all the different opinions on what will be the hottest things this fall, I have compiled a list of some re-occurring trends from different sources that are sure to be one for this fall. S͟l͟i͟p͟ D͟r͟e͟s͟s͟ It can be … Continue reading

Heatless Curls

Heatless curls Most people know heat damages hair. Since the broad awareness of this, different product companies have released special products that monitor the temperature of their device or decrease damage to hair. Straightening hair, blow drying on high settings and … Continue reading

Jean Paul Gaultier

Here is a video tour of the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit in Paris. For those of you who don’t know who Jean Paul Gaultier is, he is a French designer and came up with the classic sailor/nautical stripe and really made changes in fahsion and how it is today. He started at 18 after sending his sketches as a teen to Paris and was hired at 18. His work is detailed and exemplary along with his partenership with many famous figures and woman to show. This video does not do his pieces justice and I hope you guys enjoy the video. Thanks for being so patient you guys, it has been so hectic and I am working really hard to get out the ahul video and video diary lookbook video from Amsterdam and Paris.

Things Things Only Girls Deal With

This list is a list for humor only, it doesn’t apply to everyone and may not apply to you, it is not meant to offend anyone or make it seem like I’m or girls are complaining or having it tough, no I believe guys have their problems to.

  1. Have you ever been in a situation where they use one bathroom  for both men and woman, or for whatever reason the female bathroom is being used by men? ( my case the guy ‘s bathroom was shut down at my school). You can tell if a guy used the bathroom last by the fact that they leave the toilet seat up, or if they leave the lights on. Face it, it’s a little thing but it can get annoying having to put down the toilet seat especially when it isn’t clean.
  2. When you’re in a hurry in the morning and don’t have time to take a shower or brush your hair and it it won’t untangle it can be annoying and stressful. Waking up with your hair a tangled mess and taking a long time or holding up a group because you can’t tame your hair is not only embarrassing, but annoying..
  3. There are those hot days where guys are stripping down and you can’t cause you’re a girl. Sometimes it seems unfair that you’re baking in the sun and guys can take off their shirts.
  4. Everyone knows it hurts when a guy gets hit between the legs, but few people acknowledge that it hurts like crazy when a girl gets hit in the chest. Often people don’t get get it when you cry out in pain after they just ran into your chest, yet people understand when a guy gets hit in between the legs.
  5. Lines for the guys bathroom always go so much faster than the female line even when they are the same length. Woman might fix their makeup of hair, have little ones and babies, situate bags and shopping bags and have female sanitary products, Overall, there are a number of things to keep girls in the bathroom longer than a guy.

Reading Fashion Magazines

A few tips to keep in mind while reading fashion magazines(BTW will soon be uploading Jean Paul Gaultier Expirience Video)

  • The trends and styles in the pages and media are a guide, you don’t need to spend hundreds trying to recreate that amazing look on pg 75.
  • Don’t get upset because an outfit works and looks amazing in the catalog and it doesn’t work for you. People spend thousands of dollars on ads and finding the girl that will best flatter and compliment the product and garment.
  • Keep a collection or mark outfits you like, though you may have a Pinterest board overflowing with cute combos, finding last minute inspo scrolling through hundreds of pictures online isn’t fast. Cut out or mark pages with outfits you like and keep them in a filing folder or somewhere neat.
  • Look for sections where they feature beauty and fashion products, often during holiday seasons or even all year round magazines have a page with products to try or get for good deals.

Chinese New Year

It’s the next month already and I am going to make a Chinese New post on the party etc. that I said I would later today or tomorrow. Great news, I am going to Europe again for a week or something. I’m stopping in Amsterdam, Holland first. Then I’m going to Paris and then Normandy. After that we’re planning on a Nice, France or staying in Paris. Leaving on the 25th of March I think. I really want to shop for clothes now for the trip, but I’ll be broke by the time we get to Europe. If anyone has any ideas suggestions for things to do or go to, wear, bring or suggestions for weather this early feel free to comment or email me.

The last time I was in France I froze my butt off standing I. Line at the Catacombs. A few days before that I was sweating to death in Rome because the subways went on strike. I went in May last time and it was cold.

I will probably make a outfit guide or something before I leave and do a video diary. Let me know in the comments if the outfit guide should be a video or post with a video or just a post with pictures and words.

Growing up with family members with allergies to metal, I have seen the limits that it can put on someone when buying jewelry. Each person’s allergies are different, but my sister’s are to the extreme, she can’t wear gold, white gold, nickel, stainless steel, rose gold, black hill’s gold, silver, sterling silver, copper, bronze, her braces had to be imported metal from Germany, titanium I think. Last  year I had made it a goal to find jewelry she could wear other than just glass or stone beaded necklaces or bracelets. So I have compiled a list of links and pictures of Etsy shops and product that are metal free or should be metal allergy safe, but still classy and trendy. Many of the Etsy items come in different styles and variations.

Tip: Wear just about any necklace over a button up shirt  if the fabric is thick enough like…

Statment necklace over shirt

1. SloaneJewelryDesign-Etsy

Resin Bangle

Resin bangle


Resin Bangle

Resin Bangle with sprinkles


Resin Ring

Resin Ring


Lucite Choker

Lucite Choker


Lizard Plastic Cuff

Lucite bbangle


Lucite Pave Ring

Lucite swarovski ring

Alexis Bitar-Nordstrom

Lucite Bangle

Lucite Alexis Bittar


Crystal Collar- Wear over a high necked shirt or a collared shirt.

Tasha collar

Being Original

Being a fashion blogger or someone who’s into fashion, acquiring inspiration from popular websites and photos that show the latest trends for whatever style you wear, you probably notice a pattern with the style and photos people post that change with the seasons and years. As much as it might be sad to say, a lot of the time when a new popular trend or when you draw inspiration from a style for an outfit, your look may not actually be that original. Of course you and your physical looks and own personal touches can make it your own, but in the whole scheme of things, your outfit may not be so original all the time.

To further understand what I am saying, last year in the summer, crop tops, boho, tribal, festival, midi rings and flash tattoos were all over Pinterest, celebrities, online stores, department stores and probably your friends and just about every other girl at a music festival or summer party.What is popular and new for the runways and the season is in the stores and on celebrities, people follow celebrities and draw inspiration from them, when shopping for clothes in the summer you buy what’s in the store or online which is most likely what is in style, people and bloggers post pictures of their outfits on social media where people also draw inspiration.

Now everyone is different and someone could tell you from another person. Even though your personal style usually manages to appear in your outfits, sometimes it’s so small that unless your in close quarters or engaging with someone they probably wont notice. People are usually busy with their own thing and may not register detail or care to analyze your outfit. It’s ok to follow trends, just know that a lot of other girls will to and might have a similar look. Next time you put together an outfit, try something new or unexpected. Be different and add that touch that makes you stand out and says your outfit is trendy but not like everyone else’s, don’t let people say all they saw that summer or winter was girls in knee high boots and trench coats.