Cyborg Steam Punk Hand Art- Theater Makeup

I am an artist and I love makeup so it wasn’t hard for me to find that I was good at theater makeup and body art. This year at my school we produced the classic My Fair Lady. It was … Continue reading

Summer Festival Nail Tutorial

This nail tutorial is the one I promised in one of my OOTDS. This will show you how I created a french nail tip with little in touch ups. Watch my video here or on youtube. This look could be embellished with some gold accents at the tips. You can also see more of my nail art on instagram.Ā 

New Youtube Channel

Hey Guys,

I have posted videos in the past, but it was not that professional nor was it an actual channel devoted to my blog, so I have finally done it! I have left out the videos I didn’t like form the past except the moon necklace video and plan to keep the Europe one and the Europe ones I am still working on. I have also added another fun DIY on it. Please check my channel out, I would love your guy’s support and for you to even take a look so thank you. My channel name is Maleah Glitz Inspire and if anyone has trouble finding it you can contact me by


New video, (but please still find my new channel and see it there šŸ˜‰
Instructables DIY Lace Cabochon Ring

Glitz on Instructables

Hey everyone,

So a little while ago a Instructables employee reached out to me and requested that I enter a Glitter DIY CONTEST. I submitted a video and pictures of a tutorial for a Glitter Moon Necklace. I was elated and I was already given a free pro membership for 3 months when I signed up but the generous people at Instructables gave me a year long membership, then I found that the editors featured my project(my first instructable) on the Living category. For that, they gave me another free three month membership to redeem. I stayed in contact with the people there while making the video and loved it, their feedback and the experience was amazing. They responded so fast and put me in contact with others who also were great. I hope you guys check out the diy and account. The video is there and soon will be on youtube also.

The account name is Glitz-InspireYourStyle

Post with video DIY Moon Necklace

ABC’s Shoe Guide

  • Espadarille-A sandal or shoe with woven rope or similar materialĀ  covering the wedge or sole of the shoe.
  • Clog-Closed sole andĀ  open heel with a platform sole.
  • Cowboy Boots-Pointed toe boot with intricate stitching and a slight curved heel.
  • Flats-Shoes that have no heel height or platform sole.
  • Jellies-A manmade shoe with soft rubbery type materials.
  • Loafer-A step in shoe that has no laces or buckles.
  • Mary Jane-A short heeled shoe with a strap across the instep.
  • Moccasin-Slip on shoes with visible stitching around the edge of the toe box this creates a gathered effect.
  • Oxfords-It has laces over the instep on a low shoe.
  • Peep Toe-A shoe with a open toe in the front
  • Platforms-A shoe with a thick sole on the heel and toe.
  • Riding Boots-Boots made of leather made for riding that come up just below the knee.
  • Sandals-Open toed and back shoe with only straps over and across the top.
  • Stacked Heel-Layers of leather made to look like wood when layered into a heel.