Chinese New Year Nail Art Tutorial

Cherry Blossom Nail Art Manicure   This year I decided to try doing a nail art design for Chinese New Year rather than Valentine’s Day, that would still look good with Valentine’s Day colors and themes. I came up with … Continue reading

Chinese New Year Outfit

So I put together a Chinese New Year outfit. Unlike traditional red silk and jade themed outfits, I chose gold and black with hints of red and green. I know black is for funerals and black is not a New Years color, but I decided to go the chic and fashionable way. I let the black thing slide.

The top I chose is a really nice top by Romwe. The quality of the tee is amazing, the fabric is very sturdy, but comfortable and a little silky. The gold and black color blocking is very metallic and makes a statement. There wasn’t a need for a necklace.

The skirt I chose was black fitted pencil skirt. The flare at the top gives a nice feminine touch. The flare also gives a little body and volume to the outfit. The black lace also makes it a little more feminine and adds texture.

My shoes are from Papaya. The pointed toes and studs add to the color blocking and geometric feel from the color blocking. The nudes go well with the simplicity of it all and the Black and Tan also adds to the color blocking effect. My jewelry includes a choker, red agate bracelet, jade bracelet and a tattoo bracelet.

My nail art was simple yet intricate to complement the theme. My thumb and ring finger were done with a black glitter polish. Then I did simple gold, silver and white streaks. The index and pinky were painted with a red polish with a simple gold glitter polish design. My middle finger was done with black polish and lined with white polish. I accented the nail art with some gold midi rings and a larger statement ring with flowers.

Origami lotus Origami Lotus


The New Year has started and I had the best time with some friends of mine. I’ll post on that and give a cool collage and maybe even an outfit thing, but first I have a DIY Origami Lotus for you guys. It’s pretty easy but time consuming until you get used to it. Hope everyone had a good new year.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is February 19. It’s the year of the Goat. Lasting sixteen days, the celebration is thousands of years old and is another way to welcome in the new year. Besides doing major house cleaning and abundant food, wearing gold, red, jade and lucky colors are incorporated into clothing and decor. ¬†From the 23rd of the 12th Lunar month a large scale cleaning of your house should be done to sweep away bad luck and to get ready for the new year, bidding farewell to the previous year. Food also plays a huge roll, I can’t explain all of our traditions but I will name a few, oranges fish and many other foods symbolize wealth. The celebration is very superstitious and based of superstitious beliefs.

New everything, that could sum up the holiday in a nutshell, new house ( clean house, like Hospital clean, but every family has their own standards) new food, new stuff, new year, new luck, new growth, new harvest, new food, new clothes and hair. Black is death, so is white, so avoiding wearing black is good during the new year. Red is not only lucky but believed to ward of evil spirits, therefore letting good luck and spirits into the home.