How to Apply Makeup With Q-Tips

Here are a few things you can do to rescue your makeup game with q-tips when you don’t have makeup brushes. Your makeup won’t be perfect and you are limited by this technique but it works for simple looks.

There are four types of q-tips/cotton swabs. There are the classic q-tips with rounded ends, precision q-tips with pointed ends, flat ended ones that look like paddles and the type with the precision end on one side and the flat paddle on the other. I know the Q-tips brand carries the classic and the precision styles. Other brands sell the other styles.

Flat paddle-large areas on the lid, crease color,


Swipe the flat side in a powder, gel, creme or pigment eyeshadow. Then apply the shadow to your eye.

Use the flat side to rub and blend the shadow in a swiping and circular motion. The color payoff may vary according to the product and a lot of powders will attach to the cotton. I used Kat Von D eyeshadow which is very pigmented, so I still got a good color payoff.

Classic- lash line, soft cut crease, inner corner highlight


For a soft cut crease, repeat but apply to the crease and smudge it out with the classic or paddle.


Dip the end in a shadow and smudge and with small, short strokes on lash line to build up intensity or swipe in a single stroke for a diffuse line.



The inner corner is simple, dip your tip into a highlighting creme, shadow or liquid and apply to inner corner and blend.

Precision- eyeliner, cut crease, lash line


For both the cut crease and eyeliner, use the tip to create a line. You won’t be able to get a super thin cutting edge line but if you are resorting to q-tips for your makeup it will probably work.


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Tips for the Makeup Novice

I have compiled a few tips that I have learned about makeup over the years. They are things I learned when I was new to doing makeup. These things cover purchasing products amongst the large array of brands, products, formulas and colors.

Professional Help

If your going to get professional help or have them apply makeup and show you, whether at your M.A.C store, Sephora, Ulta Beauty or makeup counter at in a store ex. Nordstrom, let them know that it’s your first time and the amount of experience you have. Unless you ask for a specific look, the artist will probably do a natural simple look for someone who has little experience and is new to wearing makeup. If you say you’re new to makeup or need help for something specific or if it’s your first time, they will be prepared to explain and show you how they do things. They can recommend products as well, whereas an experienced person probably already has an idea for what products suit them.

Starting with Neutrals

When you are new to wearing makeup, it is good to start with neutrals as from experience it can be a big change to start with a intense smokey eye or bright colors. Makeup can change your whole look, contouring, brows, lips and lashes can really change your look for good of bad. If your used to a no makeup face then it can look weird and strange to suddenly have a red lip or filled-in bold brows. Plus mistakes with neutrals a less noticeable than with bold and dark colors.


If you suddenly start wearing makeup or go from basic neutral makeup to bold and intense looks it is likely you will have people comment. Sometimes insults or just a statement. Even friends and family will comment on your new look. Comments like “why are you wearing so much makeup?” or “I like you better without” can make you question you look. Just remember it is a change for them to, they are used to seeing no or natural makeup. It’s like getting glasses or having long hair then cutting it. It is a big change and many people go with a natural everyday look most days, but just wait and see if they get used to it. If someone says so or if you feel the need, go look and see if there is something you made a mistake on something. But keep practicing if you did make a mistake.


Certain looks and style are hard to master at the beginning. Watching videos don’t always help. Take into account that they may be using different products, tools and have much more experience. Just practice in your free time, if you don’t like it, use makeup remover. You can also get used to makeup this way. Walking around your house not in public where your not judged can help build up the confidence and get used to wearing makeup. If you watch video tutorials, find a person or take into account that they have a different


When your shopping for makeup in the beginning you have probably seen the high-end products that are more expensive than drugstore products. Depending on your life style, you may just buy a fifty dollar primer for your first makeup and experiment with more expensive products which is totally fine. Some people may not know what to buy or the difference in the price and quality and don’t want to spend tons on trying to find the right products. I suggest going to a Ulta or makeup counter to get help, friends, YouTube or the Internet to find ask about products and pricing. As you get more experienced with makeup you will develop a taste for different brands, formulas and products, but I suggest first finding what you want to accomplish. This can really narrow down your options. Do you want longer or more voluminous lashes form your mascara? If you can deduce what you want from a product then it narrows down the options then you can deciphers the best at accomplishing what you want.

Hacks and Diys

Necklace Straws

Threading necklaces through straws keep them from tangling. Un-clasp the necklace then re-clasp it after you thread the necklace through the straw. If needed, the straws can be cut to different sizes.

Clothing Dividers

You’ve seen the dividers on clothing racks with sizes labeled on them in stores. You can now make your own using old or blank CDs. First use heavy duty scissors to cut a rectangle out of the CD shown in the picture. Trace the CD’s shape on scrapbook paper. Cut out the tracing and set it aside. Cut a rectangle out of the CD as shwn in the picture. Next lay the CD over the tracing and mark the area isn’t covered by the CD and cut it out. Then use a glue stick or another glue to adhere it to the CD. You can cover both sides or leave the reflective side of the CD alone. As an alternative to paper, use decorative tape to cover the CD.

Oil Blotting Sheets

This sounds a little odd, but I’ve heard Youtubers and some bloggers agree that using toilet seat covers are great oil tissues. I have tried it and it works, so has my my mom and it works for her. I suggest taking out the first seat cover for the toilet and using the second one for your face.

White Kicks

For dirty white sneakers, use toothpaste on the bottoms and base of the shoe. Whitening toothpaste works best. Squirt some toothpaste onto the shoes, don’t apply it onto mesh and such, apply the paste on the sole of the shoes and hard surfaces. For leather shoes use leather cleaners and follow the instructions on the package. Scrub the shoes with a toothbrush or another small brush. Rinse the shoes when your done. Down bellow is a picture of the top shoe without toothpaste and the bottom one with.image

Clumpy Eyelashes

If you don’t like clumpy eyelashes or if your lashes get stuck together after layers of mascara, try using a comb to separate them. Use combs that have teeth that are not spaced far apart. You can also use the back of a brow tool to comb out your lashes.image

Coat Racks

Multi hooked coat or bathroom racks are great for hanging jackets and much more. Individual hooks with multiple pieces hanging have a limit. The general bulk of many jackets that can build up on coat racks can also prevent the door from closing all the way or opening all the way. I have come up with a few ways and combinations to hang different things that will prevent build up and will be easier to use. These methods are used with a coat rack that has two rows of hooks, the top hook extending farther out than the lower hook.image

1. Put jackets and vests on hangers( this works great for hood-less items that can’t hang on a hook) and hang a hanger on each hook. This method can be done with a rack that has only one row or set of hooks. This way the mass is spread out more evenly.

2. The second method is the first method but using a rack like the one shown above.  Hang cross-body bags or hats on the hooks above  clothing or just use all the hooks for bags. Since there are only five hooks for cross body bags if you layer them over clothes, you may find that you have more cross body bags than will fit, you can select your favorite or most used ones so you can grab them and go. The other option is to layer two cross body bags on one hook, it just depends on the bulk of the bag, the bulk of what is on the hanger and how far out your top hooks extend.

3. Hang or display hand bags and cross body bags on the same rack shown. This time hang 1-3 cross body bags of your choosing on each hook on the bottom row. Then hang hand bags on the every top hook, or space the bags to your liking. You can also hang hats on the top hooks as well.

4. The hanger method is great because it distributes the bulk, but it’s not limited to coats, vests etc. Since the rack is hanging on a door you should have enough height that hanging pants or longer dresses won’t touch the ground.

5. Use a multiple row rack or a rack with a single row of hooks to hang your essentials and outfit for the next day. Hang your jacket, shirt and or each layering piece on a hanger. Use skirt hangers for skits and pants. Hang each hanger on a hook or two hangers since you’ll just put the outfit on the next day. Then layer or use empty hooks to hang a hat, scarf, belt o a bag.

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