Crystal Inspiration 

Crystal Inspiration 

I collect a number of random odd objects including crystals and stones. I won’t go into detail but I have a large Cole,Clinton of minerals, crystals and books on them as well as jewelry which are made of crystals and … Continue reading

Four Things to Do With Your Ipsy Glam Bags

Are you subscribed to Ipsy? If you are then you probably have Ipsy Glam Bags that sit around your room. Here are four ideas to make use of the glam bags. Continue reading

Selfie and Photo Tips

Selfie and Photo Tips

Posture- Posture is a sign of confidence and emits power and a slumped back is not attractive.

Confidence- If you’re confident others can tell.

Relaxed unless you’re portraying a certain emotion- Don’t look like you’re a fake and trying to hard or tense, try to relax as much as possible.

Find your angle and side- You know your body and probably have a better angle and side so try to stick with those angles but still be creative when taking photos.

Be comfortable- This goes hand in hand with confidence and relaxation, you can’t be completely relaxed or natural if your uncomfortable.

Keep you chin down- I’ve found that my chin is higher than I think and that can distort your face and ruin the picture.

Lighting- Natural lighting is the best for most people in most cases but isn’t always available, the key is to find the right balance of not so dark that detail is lost and not to harsh and or artificial. The exception is when you’re doing a themed photo shoot.

Smile- If you’re not a smiling type of person, try to avoid looking angry unless you’re trying for an angry look.

Effects- Have fun with effects, just try to not let the effect take away from the subject in the picture. Frames and effects can add character and enhance the photo with tons of different effects to download.

Extreme- Sometimes extreme harsh lighting or photoshop with a all white outfit can be fun and stunning.

Props- Props are great, they can add life and character but don’t let get to busy or take away the focus.

Animation- Some of the coolest pictures are the ones that are caught while moving. Take advantage of your living environment as well, it can be a murder of crows, a strong gust that animates your hair or large curling waves in the ocean.