OOTD- Messy & Sophisticated

This outfit is built around the hairstyle I did and the goal to complement it. I started by with half of my hair one side of the head and worked a French braid down to where my neck starts. Then … Continue reading

Heatless Curls

Heatless curls Most people know heat damages hair. Since the broad awareness of this, different product companies have released special products that monitor the temperature of their device or¬†decrease damage to hair. Straightening hair, blow drying on high settings and … Continue reading

Easy Hairstyle

Hey Guys,

I have long beautiful hair that is to the middle of the my back. But I never have time to do all the fancy , intricate, beautiful and time consuming styles. I have the ability to do them, but don’t have the time. You might suffer from the same thing, I wear my hair in two or three ways on a daily basis and stumbled across these fun and simple styles for long and medium length hair. Click images for a better look.¬†headband


twisted hair sock bun hair tuck