Glitz on Instructables

Hey everyone,

So a little while ago a Instructables employee reached out to me and requested that I enter a Glitter DIY CONTEST. I submitted a video and pictures of a tutorial for a Glitter Moon Necklace. I was elated and I was already given a free pro membership for 3 months when I signed up but the generous people at Instructables gave me a year long membership, then I found that the editors featured my project(my first instructable) on the Living category. For that, they gave me another free three month membership to redeem. I stayed in contact with the people there while making the video and loved it, their feedback and the experience was amazing. They responded so fast and put me in contact with others who also were great. I hope you guys check out the diy and account. The video is there and soon will be on youtube also.

The account name is Glitz-InspireYourStyle

Post with video DIY Moon Necklace

Origami lotus Origami Lotus


The New Year has started and I had the best time with some friends of mine. I’ll post on that and give a cool collage and maybe even an outfit thing, but first I have a DIY Origami Lotus for you guys. It’s pretty easy but time consuming until you get used to it. Hope everyone had a good new year.

DIY Fun Ways to Wrap Gifts

Episode three is finally here, and I can’t wait for you guys to see it. If you want to share your pictures or anything like that with me or find any of the blog related posts on Instagram, just #glitzinspireyourstyle or search #glitzinspireyourstyle. If you want to follow me on Instagram I’m at maleahsilvercrescent.

DIY Collage Notebooks!

This is the second episode of the DIY 12 Days of Christmas Special. Hope you guys enjoy this edition where I show you how to make some fabulous journals that you can personalize for friends, family yourself or just randomize it to your liking. You can also do this technique with cardboard for posters, book covers, plaques and more.


DIY 12 Days of Christmas Special

Hi guys,

This year I am doing  a 12 Days of Chirstmas Special.This means that a new Holiday tutorial video DIY will be release every two-four days up until Christmas. I hope you guys enjoy the first episode, and you can find this video on youtube also.