DIY Naruto Nine Tailed Fox Clay Charm

Manga MondayΒ  Theme: Naruto /Naruto Shippuden Β  Summary from Quora or someone who can write a better synopsis than I Naruto lives in a world of mystical ninja villages that seek to dominate each other through elite soldiers, called shinobi. … Continue reading

πŸŽ€αŽ α†Y ᎒αŽͺᎷαŽͺKᏆ αŽͺNᎠ ᎾᏌ᎑αŽͺN αŽ»α†α©αŽ» ᏚᏟᎻᎾᎾᏞ  ᎻᎾᏚ᎒ ᏟᏞᏌᏴ α΄αŽΎα” πŸŽ€

α™’α—©ο¬‘α˜α—© α™’α—ο¬‘α–™α—©αŽ©α”• The Tamaki and Ouran High school Host Club Bow ᏚᏌᎷᎷαŽͺ᎑Y ᏴY ᎷY αŽͺNα†αŽ·αŽ¬ αžα†αšαŽ’ Fujioka Haruhi wins a scholarship to attend Ouran Academy, a school reserved for only the most rich and prestigious. Despite what other students may … Continue reading