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Dear readers,

I am so sorry I haven’t been posting. I just started my freshman year in highschool and have been getting used to it. I have been trying to focus on getting stabilized there getting a routine down. So I apologize for not posting. The Manga Monday’s and my Monthly favorites  posts are something I did for a bit, yet didn’t get much attention it seemed. So if you would like me to keep doing them, go and like this post and some of my previous monthly favorites and Manga Monday posts!! 👍🏻 Also feel free to leave any comments on things you guys would like to see me do, like homecoming themed; as I am expiriencing homecoming this year or Halloween tutorials or tips. Also you guys can add me on Twitter and Snapchat now if you would like to at Snapchat: maleaharya Twitter: maleahsilvercrescent.

Thank You


For this look I chose a statement bikini and to go with this top, I chose a solid black kimono and black bottoms. This outfit could be complete once I added sunglasses, but I added a rainbow tattoo choker and a purse from South America.   

I did another variation in which I did a blue eye look and a bold coral lip. I also chose a bangle and some matching stretchy beaded bracelets. The bracelets and the choker could be worn together but I decided that with the bolder makeup it was perfectly fine to simply pair some bracelets. I shot this look by my pool and my beach cabin. The palms in my yard in the pool area are perfect for the bright and colorful summer look.