Crystal Inspiration 

I collect a number of random odd objects including crystals and stones. I won’t go into detail but I have a large Cole,Clinton of minerals, crystals and books on them as well as jewelry which are made of crystals and precious and semi precious stones. If you would like to see my LARGE collection of stones or stone and crystal jewelry let me know. But the other day I was refiguring my crystals which is something I regularly to. I display them in my room and have been trying to find the best way to display them. I have seen a number of great ways to display them, glass orbs and containers or shelving units. But I found the perfect seized platter. This works with practically anyhting, I just arranged some of my crystals from a similar color group in the dish. It looks really cool displayed on a coffee table. It is also another way to show them off to your friends. Granted I chose not to place my more fragile pieces in it.

Try making the pieces or things you collect apart of your home!

Now let me hear from you!

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