Royal Rose Napkin Folding

You can take your dining table setup to the next level by having cloth napkins folded in a fun shape or design. Folded napkins can add an elevated and professional looking touch to place settings. This Easter I folded shaped rose napkins. Last Easter I did bunnies, but this year I wanted to try something that wasn’t so comedic or literal. I decided roses would look elegant and still be apropriate for Easter but also any occasion. I also bought some chalk eggs and drew some designs with names in cursive. The eggs were used in place of name cards. You could also spray paint plastic eggs with chalk spray paint and draw on them.


How to Fold Rose Napkins

You will need a fabric napkin, more often than not in napkin folding you should look for a sturdier or heavier fabric, but in this case you can use a loghter fabric.  Most of the time you want a thicker napkin because th napkin will stand up and hold a design better

imageimageFold the napkin in half to create a triangleimage

Take the tips of the triangle and roll it to the center corner or angle. I like to start in the center of the napkin and as I roll I work my way to the edges. Roll it about half way.image

Flip over the napkin so the roll is closest to the table.


Starting at one corner or tip of the rolled portion, begin to roll it to the opposite end of the napkin.image

Tuck in the end into the pocket created by the rolling of the napkin.


It should look like a cinnamon roll or a rosette on one end.


Place the napkin so the Rose looking part is flat on the table and take the two tail pieces or napkin and seperate them. Pull them apart and flip the napkin over again. The two tails create the leaves.


Now let me hear from you!

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