Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigments Review

I am an enthusiastic Ipsy subscriber. I love their company, stylists, YouTube channel and overall how they interact with their customers and subscribers. I have done a post in the past of things to do with old Ipsy glam bags which you can check out. Recently I entered an Ipsy giveaway. Ipsy giveaways are ussually consist of a collection of anything from hair, perfume, makeup, nail and skin care to hair or beauty tools. Most often the products are from a brand that was featured in that month’s glam bag. Ipsy holds multiple giveaways each month, each giveaway prize being a collection or set from a brand. You don’t need to be an Ipsy subscriber to enter a giveaway and they have a FAQs on giveaways with plenty more information.


Photo from Ipsy of Naked Cosmetics giveaway prize

This last month of February I entered multiple  February giveaways and was utterly surprised when I found out I had won!  In fact I had checked the posted list of winners and missed my name. Then I received a message relaying to me that I had won a huge set of the Naked Cosmetics loose Mica pigments.  The set was valued at 279.93$ and when I received it several days ago I saw there were four of their color collections: Urban Rustic, Desert Sunset, Rain Forest and Ebony.  Each collection has six pigments in it and on Naked Cosmetics website, a color collection retails for 59.99.

The prize was sent in the classic metallic pink Ipsy mailing envelope with pink tissue paper. I wasn’t sure if I would receive the prize directly from the company’s warehouse or from Ipsy. It was just a pleasant surprise and nice touch to see they added tissue paper and sent it in gorgeous pink packaging.  The pigments came in boxes which were in a nice vinyl case which I didn’t expect. There wasn’t a picture or mention of it on Ipsy.  That was a nice surprise because the pigments are each seperate containers. There was also a Naked Cosmetics Clear Lip Base which retails for 9.99 and a Naked Cosmetics Eye Shadow Primer which retails for 14.99 on Naked Cosmetics website. I wasn’t expecting these either. Bellow are pictures of each color collection and swatches of each color. Following those photos There is a review on the pigments aswell as my thoughts on the products.





Pigment Review

I swatched each pigment with an eyeshadow brush on my arm without any base or primer. According to Naked Cosmetics Website “Simply put…Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigments are the highest grade mica available. This provides you with an extremely High pay-off on application. Mica Pigments are the COLOR from Makeup. Naked Cosmetics Colors Collections contain No Talc, Oils, Waxes, or Fillers of any kind. It is 100% color to give you a pure product that is Non-allergenic, Non-perishable, and simply put…a rich, intense color.”On the Naked Cosmetics website they say you can use the pigments for lips, nails, hair, bronzer and eyes and Ipsy also adds highlight to the tool belt of thing you can do with them.

The color payoff is great and they are very blendable. I don’t know if I would use the word creamy initially to describe them, but they are intense and easy to diffuse to your liking. When using the pigments, I sprayed L’Oréal Paris makeup setting spray on my brush if I wanted to intensify the color and the metallic sheen. Spraying my brush with the L’Oréal spray seems to work like spraying MAC Fix Plus onto a brush before dipping it into a shadow.

You need very little pigment on your brush and can make your shadow less intense by blending it out, less is more when using these. You don’t need a base to make the pigments stick to your lids, but I noticed after experimenting with them that they will last a little longer with a base, primer, glitter glues or spraying your brush with setting spray.

Vinyl Case Review

The case that was included easily fits all the pigments they sent, 24 in total plus the eyeshadow base and lip gloss base. The case is clear which makes looking for what you want much easier and it is vinyl which makes it easy to clean. I wouldn’t try fitting more than 26 pots or pigment pots in the case.


Lip Gloss Base and Eye Shadow Base Review

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the lip gloss base, it wasn’t drying on my lips but when I added pigment it didn’t blend well, possibly because the base had a thicker lip balm like consistency.  You can make the lip gloss base work if you really want to, but there are much faster and easier alternatives. Also, because it’s a loose pigment it will fill and show cracks and creases in your lips as it does in mine when you apply it to your lips. I gave up trying after a while and this is as far as I got, so not all of my lips are filled in. Overall I think just using a clear gloss you have at home or adding pigments over lipstick or another gloss would be much easier. The pigments work great for ombré and adding highlight to the center of your lips when you already have a color underneath.



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