Chinese New Year Nail Art Tutorial

Cherry Blossom Nail Art Manicure



This year I decided to try doing a nail art design for Chinese New Year rather than Valentine’s Day, that would still look good with Valentine’s Day colors and themes. I came up with a fading sky and oriental style cherry blossom branches on each nail. You can change up the colors and level of detail to suite your needs. I understand that this design is complex by some standards and time consuming. The design isn’t for everyone and is not for beginners, but I encourage this fun look for anyone who wants to try their hand at it! I hope everyone enjoys the new year and Valentine’s Day.


1. Paint a thin layer of a sky blue or turquoise color.

2. Paint a layer of white polish from the tip of the nail to the middle of the nail over the blue.

3. Paint from the cuticle up, with the same blue and blend into the white. Make sure you keep with thin coats. You can also go back with the white, painting from the tip of the nail until you are satisfied with the transition.


4.  Add a few drops of some fast drying serum to speed the process of drying in between coats. Use a thin brush to paint thin lines of black polish that make branches that start from one side of the nail. The lines can be jagged and should taper at the ends.

5. Use a small paint brush and take a peachy pink color and dab it on the branches in clusters of two-five.

6. Do the same thing with a darker pink over the light pink, still letting the lighter color show.

7. Add a single dab of gold glitter polish to the center of each cluster.

8. Use a thin brush to make lines that extend from the center of each flower with white polish.

9. Add a couple layers of a clear top coat to your nails. If you try this tag it on Instagram with the tag #glitzinspireyourstyleblossoms So I can see yours.

Now let me hear from you!

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