This OOTD was inspired by some simple comfy outfits with kimonos I saw on Pinterest and the flowing shirts and silhouettes of this season. The overriding idea and vibe I wanted to create was relaxed with a touch of street and edge. For the outfit I wanted to include a jade choker which I recently bought, so throughout the process of putting the outfit together I worked to find pieces that would complement the necklace. In the end black was a good color (as a neutral) to complement the necklace.

img_2091I am wearing black chunky suede boots and a black and white fringed kimono. The fringe on the kimono is quite long and the extra height from the boots was appreciated.

img_2089 An element of street and bohemian can be collected from the kimono’s fringe and the bohemian aspect pairs well with the natural, oriental and bohemian vibe from the choker. The shirt I chose is a flowing tank top with embroidered flowers across the top. The flowers match the necklace and the flowing fabric adds to a effortless bohemian vibe. I wore plain silver earrings with the look and black jeans. For accessories I added a circular cross-body bag that has a black and white pattern that almost resembles tie dye like the kimono.


I had fun creating a makeup look for the outfit, more or less the eye look was an experiment that I decided to keep. The idea for the makeup was to make the eyes pop, though in the end it became a marriage of cool tones and warm tones. I did enhance the photo that is in color a bit just to bring out the colors a bit more on camera, but in person the color vibrancy is fairly close. I lined the lower lash line in a dark blue that fades to purple as it reaches the inner corner. For the lid I had black and the same blue transition into dark brown with red undertones to pinks and reddish colors. At the inner corner of the lid I used “whimsical” foiled shadow by makeupgeek which is very bright and shiny, but not straight silver or white. There are hints of pink along with the shimmer that worked much better than a straight silver or shimmer with cool undertones.



Now let me hear from you!

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