Flash Card-Studying Ideas

Tests and finals are coming up for me and flash cards are a popular method of studying definitions, terms and things which simply require memorization such as state capitols or countries and their leaders. This post is centered on flash cards and what I have found and done with flash cards that have helped me.




There are boxes for index cards. If that doesn’t fit all your cards for all your classes, an easy cute solution is to use a small cosmetic bag or an Ispy Glam Bag or even a ziplock bag to store them. The zip closure is quick, easy and convenient. Another option is using a rubber band or hair elastic to hold the cards together.

Add Some Color


If you want to make writing flash cards fun or add some visual appeal or organization, try using markers, decorative tape/washi tape and pens to write and decorate with. For the terms, not definitions, bold and fun fonts make the words pop. Using colored markers or pens, choose one color to write the unit, chapter or color code a term and definition to which chapter or theme from the semester it’s from.
If you decide to write flash cards for a test or final, this idea may or may not be convenient for you. Variables and factors such as number of flash cards, how much information per card, time allotted to the task and how well and long you can hand write will effect how far you can take this task. This idea isn’t, necessary and the focus should be on getting the information down before you add an artistic touch.

Use One Card Twice

If you are running out of flash cards or index cards, use one card for two definitions and terms. Words with short definitions can easily fit onto a card with another short word. Write the first word or thing to memorize slightly higher or lower on the card rather than center. Then write the second word or term bellow or above. On the other side of the card, write the definition or corresponding word at the same height as the word on the other side. So if you wrote Alaska higher than Florida on one side of the card, then on the flipped side, write Juneau(the capital of Alaska) higher on the card than Tallahassee


Now let me hear from you!

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