Cyborg Steam Punk Hand Art- Theater Makeup

I am an artist and I love makeup so it wasn’t hard for me to find that I was good at theater makeup and body art. This year at my school we produced the classic My Fair Lady. It was very exciting because our school was the only school in the state to receive the rights to the musical in several years. I took a theater makeup class last summer which was a great prerequisite. Note: see all costume and theater makeup in a slide show at the end of the post.

Dragon Scales

Knuckle hornsThere I learned about the products, techniques and styles used. I experimented and wanted to do something different, so without instruction, I grabbed by bit of latex flesh and made a small disk. I tried applying it to my arm but I found it wouldn’t stick. It took me a while but I finally managed a system to apply and make many disks quickly. I used Ben Nye pigments to color the disks and add dimension and a brushes and sponges for blend the colors out into my arm. It took about an hour. What became of my experiment was 3D scales that received many complements from the instructors and students.

After I did the scales I tried doing knuckle horns and a set of claws using the same latex flesh and different colored pigments. The technique used for those were the same as the scales. They also took half the time the scales took. I received the same affirmation after those two projects.

Red Cyborg Robot Steam a Punk HandCyborg Robot Steam Punk Hand

For My Fair Lady I used spirit gum to attach a beard to one actor’s face. I also did makeup to age someone. In between checks and touch ups on the beard I decided to do some fun makeup. I looked through Pinterest and found pictures but I found I was limited my the materials. My idea was limited  my resources so I imagined and wondered if I could paint a realistic looking cyborg or Steam Punk glove or hand.

I knew the theater makeup kit had bright-colored pigments but I couldn’t find them and there wasn’t any flesh. It was surprising to find that there wasn’t any white or black pigments in the kit either so I resorted to my makeup. In my bag I had a black gel eyeliner pencil and a L.A Colors jumbo eye pencil in “Sea Shells” that matched the design I wanted. The image idea was easy enough for me to apply, but it was turning out differently and I got tired of referring back to an image. I simply designed my own after I outlined my finger.

Later, I found bright-colored pigments and used yellow, red and purple to fade and add shadow to my fingers at the edge of the white and black makeup. I created two versions, one version is a full painted hand with the thumb. For the second version I painted the rest of the hand and added red to the outside of the glove and a strip down between thumb and index finger. I spent about an hour and half on my hand got many complements. I totally wouldn’t hesitate to try something like this for Halloween.

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