The Clothes You Rarely Wear

Hello Reader,

These are the clothes and Shoes you have had in your closet (or will have at some point) that you rarely wore. You don’t necessarily need to have them all at the same time, but these are the clothes you most likely will have in your wardrobe at some point in your life.

1. Killer Heels
The pair of heels I am talking about are perfect except for the fact they kill your feet and make it hard to walk. Though high heels are not meant to be super comfortable, these are very uncomfortable and/or super difficult to walk in. Whether the heel is so narrow you find yourself stumbling half the time or they simply kill your feet, you keep them because you tell yourself every time that you can change your shoes. The problem is not fifteen minutes into an event, you change your shoes. Here are some examples with links if you would like to purchase them. I don’t actually know if these shoes are hard to walk in, but these shoes don’t have anything that makes it look like it would stay on your foot. There is only a strap across your toes then a cup for the back of your foot that stops half way.

Pelle Moda ‘Vaughn Open Toe Pump’

2. Crazy Heels
These shoes are bold, very unique and unusual. They may or may not fit your feet, but what keeps you from rocking those shoes is they are so extravagant or unique they don’t match or just don’t work for everyday wear. Most likely you spent a great deal on the shoes or got them on sale. They might even be designer or at least a very nice shoe and you don’t want to get rid of them because they are nice shoes and you may have or hope to have that one outfit that is perfect for them. Bellow are examples of shoes that are bold, funky and unique. There are links to where you can purchase the shoes.

The Whitepepper Triple Strap Chunky Sandals

Christian Louboutin ‘Bella’ Plaid Platform Sandal

Jeffrey Campbell Cinturon Suede Bootie


I just don’t understand the red strap that goes back over the heel

1. The Trashy Tee
The shirt I am talking about is ratty and stained like crazy. Style wise it’s useless and doesn’t have any potential. You keep it because it is trashy, it doesn’t have to have sentimental value, but practical value. You wear it when you know you are going to get messy and dirty.

2. Not Your Style
A friend picked out or convinced you to put a shirt on. When you tried it on everyone including you, agreed it looked great on you. The color, size and fit flatters your body. It’s perfect in every way, the only thing that keeps you from wearing it is it’s not your style. You still own it because it really does make you look good and everyone you ask agrees that it looks great, you might wear it every once in a while but for the most part it hangs in your closet.

3. Your Alter Ego Outfit
This outfit appeals to your alter ego. There is nothing wrong with the outfit except for it is your alter ego. But for those days where you feel like your opposite self, you slip into that outfit whether it’s goth, kawaii, trendy, casual or girly, you slip into your second skin with confidence. Underneath are an example, but your alter ego could be anything.

4. Snagging Sweater
Not all sweaters snag, but there is that one sweater that always gets caught on something. Then when it gets caught it gets snags and those snags seem to catch things. The sweater may have started out smooth or you may have bought it distressed with snagged threads, but now it is a pain to wear.

Ripped Knit Pocket Sweater

1. The Body Squeezer
This pair of jeans used to be one of your favorites, until something happened and they became uncomfortable. They could’ve shrunk, you may have gained weight or have simply grown taller or gone through puberty. Most likely, you keep them because you hope to lose weight and fit into them again or love them so much you are willing to live with the discomfort for a day.

2. The Baggy Pants
The Baggy Pants are exactly what they are, to big and baggy. Most likely you tried them on and they seemed to fit in the dressing room, they might have been just a slight bit big, but you decided you can live with it. When you wore them for the first time it was no problem, but after a few washes and wears they began to stretch out. This can happen with leggings too. The reason you still own them is you may be able to manage wearing it with a belt or if your not done growing you might fit into them next year.

1. The Fixer
A dress becomes a Fixer when you have something that you need to tailor or repair and it never happens. This can apply to any piece of clothing, but more often people tailor and have seems taken out on dresses.

2. The Special Occasion
You probably bought a dress for a special occasion, this could even be your wedding dress. Most likely you bought it in advance and waited in anticipation to wear it. It’s like the first day of school outfit, you don’t wear any of it until the first day of school, except with this dress you probably didn’t wear it much after the event either. There is a possibility you wore it a ton, but it’s also entirely possible you wore it to a special event then didn’t wear it again. These dresses are most often very fancy or just don’t fit events we often attend, like prom, you don’t go to prom more than once or twice(if you attend someone else’s). Those dresses are probably acceptable for Vegas moments and weddings, but how often does the average person have Vegas moments and how many weddings every year does the average person attend?

Gold Spagetti Strap Backless Sequined Dress

Crushed-velvet Maxi Dress

Jackets, Vests and More
1. The Layering Piece 
Originally, you wore this vest or layering piece many times. It really made the outfit come together, but for some reason you eventually took it off. Then you found that having to carry your bag, vest and coat everywhere you go is really a hassle. I have done this with a fur vest and it simply became a hassle to carry it everywhere I went with everything else. I still own it because there is no reason to get rid of it. I often plan to wear it, but at the last minute decide I don’t want to carry it around with me. It is like when you pack your rain gear on a rain forecasted day and it’s sunny.

Essential Galaxy Sequin Jacket

Faux Fur Vest

Faux Fur Vest

2. The Luxury Jacket or Leather Jacket
I am guilty of owning really well crafted jacket that just sits in my closet. You might have one of these, it doesn’t have to be a leather jacket. The jacket I don’t wear often is an antelope skin jacket form Florence, Italy. I wore it quite a lot at first, but then I found a few scratches and since it was being sold for over four hundred euro(back when the euro was worth more than a US dollar) I wanted to preserve it, so I stopped wearing it. I am not saying you shouldn’t invest in a nice leather jacket or article of clothing, it just so happens that we should and sometimes tend to take care of them by not wearing it. The greatest thing now is there are some very nice expensive and reasonably priced faux leather jackets that are a little more durable in some aspects.

Sam Edelman Zip Detail Moto Jacket

3. The Uniform or Office Clothes
This only applies if you don’t have a career which requires office clothing. At some point you had to search and purchase a uniform or office clothing to meet the requirements of a job. You wore it then and still have the clothing now. The clothing now sits in your closet because you have no use for it. The basic button up or blazer may serve you occasionally, but overall you don’t wear the clothes very often. You keep them because you know there is a possibility you might need them again, and office clothing tends to be on the the more expensive side, so you don’t want to throw away your money.

BOSS Jacket & Pencil Skirt ‘Julaneva’ Asymmetrical Textured Collarless Jacket

4. Not Your Average Color

Now this characteristic applies to all clothing, accessories and decorations. A company comes out with a product that is a unique color or shade of a color. It’s great except that you can’t match it with anything except for basics and some complementary colors. Though wearing blacks, whites and neutrals may not seem like a bad idea, your circumstances make the piece hard to style. It could be your black jeans are flared and don’t look good with the the shirt, or you dyed your hair and the color doesn’t work well with the the shirt’s unique color.

Now let me hear from you!

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