Why to Blog When You Don’t Get Views

There is a rut most bloggers hit, I’m in it myself. It’s when your blog likes, follows and views drop exponentially from where you were. The other scenario is where you started blogging and you are stil waiting for some feedback and follows. I created a list of reasons to keep blogging even when you don’t get likes. It is easy to wonder why to post at all if no one reads your blog or go wonder what is wrong, but diagnose the situation. This includes looking at tags used, seo and what is enabled on your blog. You also want to look into google webmaster tools  and what is enabled and done on that as well. There are other things that block and help people find your blog and make it look better when it does appear in, if your not a tech person ask a friend or go online. The most frustrating thing is when you have done all this and you still are stuck, I am still stuck. It also can be a real confidence degrader but I am pushing forward and if you do read this I sincerely hope you can too. I hope the best for you and your blog!

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