DIY Naruto Nine Tailed Fox Clay Charm

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Theme: Naruto /Naruto Shippuden  

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Summary from Quora or someone who can write a better synopsis than I

Naruto lives in a world of mystical ninja villages that seek to dominate each other through elite soldiers, called shinobi. Each shinobi molds and manipulates spiritual and physical energy to perform miraculous feats such as: walking up trees and upon water, breathing fire, shooting lightning from the hands, creating tidal waves, phasing through rocks, cloning, and other awesome stuff.

Naruto is an orphan who seeks the approval of his village that has shunned him his whole life. He finds out that the demon fox spirit that destroyed the village 12 years prior was sealed inside of him as a baby. This is why people shun and fear him.

Naruto becomes a ninja and vows to become the greatest, most powerful shinobi that his village has ever seen so that they will have to respect him. In shippuden he matures past this, but still maintains his dream of becoming the village leader so that he can protect his people.
Available in ~ Manga Book Series and Anime Series

I was inspired by the Nine Tailed Fox Demon spirit trapped inside Naruto’s body. I made a mini Nine Tailed Fox charm out of clay. I didn’t want anything that was outwardly obvious like a headband with a Sand or Leaf village symbol or character. The fox can be just be a animal charm, or if someone sees the details, they can notice the nine tails on the fox.  Or you can make it even more obvious by adding a symbol like a leaf village emblem or seal that holds the fox or something in black paint. If it’s a necklace you could add other charms as well.
I have seen many Naruto Fan Art, Cosplay pieces and other handmade things inspired from the popular series and there are many different things. Headbands, miniature to life sized Gara’s Sand Gourds, Naruto sandals, kunai and clay character charms. That’s only some of the things people have made from Naruto and so I struggled to come up with a diy that was more original. Though you might be able to find a similar tutorial somewhere else or for sale on Etsy, this project is not so generic I hope, so I hope you guys try it or get inspired.

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Premo Clay orange


Jewelry eye pin

Baking sheet

Small glass dish

Small tipped paint brush

Black acrylic paint

White acrylic paint

Gold acrylic paint


Wire cutters

Cotton ball


Mod Podge or Sculpey Clay Glaze



Roll out about a dime sized ball of clay for the body.


Use the tip of your finger and start rolling the edge of the ball to a slight point or use your fingers to mold the ball so it has a slight point.


Then pinch of nine small peppercorn sized balls for the tail.image

Use the tip of your finger to roll the ball into a carrot looking shape about the length of a penny.


Create the small carrot shape from all nine balls of clay.


Attach the tail pieces to the body.

Bend or curl the tail pieces so there is some movement to the piece and so they won’t just break sticking out.


Then roll out a head, you can create a snout or leave the head as a ball if you want.imageimage


Cut a small piece of wire and use it to connect the head to the body and poke a hole in the top of the head for the head pin


Bake at 275 degrees f at 30 per 1/4 inch


Paint the fox to your desired intensity


Cut and put eye pin into hole

Squeeze glue into hole

Cover the charm in modge podge


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