Monthly Beauty Favorites-July



Cover Girl Outlast This month’s first pick is a nail color by Covergirl Outlast. Their nail polish comes in the color, “Teal on Fire”. This polish is a not a super expensive luxury polish like Butter London, but it is still quite nice. The shade is what really drew me. The polish is a metallic iridescent teal that looks purple at different angles. There are similar polishes by other brands available. 


Neutrogena – Deep Clean 
 I have tried scrubs with beads but I never feel like the beads do much. They seem to dissolve really fast and there never seems to be enough in one place. For a while now I have been using Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub. I can actually feel the beads rubbing on my face and body. It also lasts a long time because you don’t need a lot to cover a large surface area.  


Wet n Wild 

Wet n Wild has a super fun lip stain in the color “Throwing Shade” or the number A310. The line is Wet N Wild Fergie Vicious Varnish. Strangely enough I could not find this product on the Wet N Wild website, but it is on drugstore websites and in stores. I love this color because it is purple and can be vamp and be styled that way, or you can bring out the red-pink tones and take a different route. The stain is very pigmented, though you can deepen or tweak the shade by using a lip liner underneath. Though this shade is not for everyone, this bold lip stain is one of my favorites.  



Neutrogena – Naturals

Neutrogena’s Naturals line includes the Fresh Cleansing+Makeup Remover.The makeup remover has a strange consistency, but it works amazingly. Though you probably already have a current makeup remover you use on a regular basis when you need it, this is just another option or idea. It is easy to use because it has a pump dispenser instead of a cap and you just pump a little on a pad or tissue then wipe your fade with it. It doesn’t leave my face feeling oily with my not dry or oily skin. Personally I have found most of the Neutrogena makeup removers to work well, though i love the ease of this particular one they came out with. 


L.A. Colors 

The L.A Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil comes in a variety of colors. I personally, have only tried two of their colors but I like the color”Sea Shells”. What I like about this pencil is that it is great for highlighting the brow bone and when I don’t have anything to do stark highlighting with, I can use the pencil to carve out and intensify my contours. I know it’s not a contour stick(which are also great to invest in)but they still work better than some powders or glittery highlighters for a sharper contour . The consistency of the pencil is creamy, blends well and this color at least is quite pigmented.  



Now let me hear from you!

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