OOTD-Spring Pink


Spring Pink is a perfect name for this outfit because of the spring and summer like color palette. The palette I chose consists of pastel blue, light pink and magenta. The scene was shot mostly in front of a large Chinese watercolor. The watercolor was ideal because it truly represents spring and summer and the flowers are amazing and have so much depth. The painting also matched the pink flowery design of the muscle tee I chose with the words “Dreamer”. My shorts are classic denim shorts for a laid back feel. The goal of the eye makeup was to make the eyes look larger and more awake.

imageMy nails were key in this outfit and complemented my pastel Jessica Simpson cross body. It was by amazing chance that the color of the nail polish matched the color of the bag. The nail art was fun because I achieved an amazingly easy to do manicured tip, which I recorded and uploaded to Youtube, Summer Festival Nail Tutorial. (Will post on video soon so stay tune)

The accessories in include a pair of black shades with a silver tone accent at the nose piece. My necklace is a collar made of black leather wrapped around a central piece. As a result the collar has a diameter that is a little less than a pencil. Then the collar has gold rings that attach a gold toned plate. From that, various charms hand from gold chain. The charms range from cameos, crosses, flowers and coins. The necklace is a statement piece that can be mixed with anything because of the variety of colors, metal tones, styles and charms in it. Be sure to check this out on Instagram. And/or link your guys’ Instagram accounts so I can like your photos and follow you!

Now let me hear from you!

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