Monthly Favorite Beauty Products-June

♥Burt’s Bees’ Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream♥


This cuticle cream is one of two cuticle products this month, personally I have very dry cuticles and the skin in the area tends to peel back and get caught. This cream is is great for dry cuticles and rough dry skin around the nails. I needed to use it every few days, but it depended on much I applied. It is also important to massage and rub it into the skin.

♥C.O Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm-8 Hour Overnight Recovery♥

This is one of a few lip balms that don’t eventually dry out my lips. This product also has long lasting effects for my very dry lips. After my first try, I was surprised and still felt the effects after several days. You can this at Bath and Body Works.

♥E.L.F Cuticle Pen♥

The Cuticle Pen by Eyes Face and Lips is a great product that is also great for cuticles. Unlike the cream, the pen needs to be used every one or two days. The pen application is quick and easy.


♥John Frieda Brilliant Brunette ♥

imageThis shampoo and conditioner is amazing, only a small amount of conditioner and shampoo is needed for a large amount of hair. The product also didn’t seem to bother my hair when it was dyed. When I first started using it I noticed a difference from the shampoo and conditioner I had been using.

♥Nail Tips♥

Adhesive nail tips can be found online and in stores. They come in different shapes and just make everything easier when you can’t make a nice tip on your nails. Washi tape can also do the job if you cut the tape into small strips and stick it on your hand a couple of times to loose some stickiness.



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