OOTD- Messy & Sophisticated


This outfit is built around the hairstyle I did and the goal to complement it. I started by with half of my hair one side of the head and worked a French braid down to where my neck starts. Then I took the other half of my hair and brought it over to use as part of my fishtail braid. Since messy braids are in style right now, I didn’t worry to much when bits of hair went astray. The fishtail is practical and if left in long enough, it creates waves and curls as I posted on in Heatless Curls.

For clothes I added a leather jacket over classic colored denim shorts. The shorts which are cuffed, the light knitted purple scarf and leather jacket add polished and put together components that contrast the casual, almost messy and careless braid. My nails just happened to match this outfit and complement the simplistic feel being a purple and gold. Please like this post and follow this blog, check out and follow my Instagram at maleahsilvercrescent.

Now let me hear from you!

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