Revised Jewelry Display


Revised Jewelry Display

Untangling delicate chains can be tedious and frustrating. Like Christmas lights, they often find a way to tangle. Some people choose to resolve this by using tiered jewelry stands with velvet bars that can be used for bracelets or necklaces. The downside to this is that with most delicate piece or a chunky pieces, you need to take off all the pieces in front of the one you want to wear(unless it has a clasp). You can also buy stands and displays with hooks, Unless the hook or way of hanging the necklace is high enough that it doesn’t drape on the table top, the necklaces will most likely get tangled.

I recently have found way to hang my delicate necklaces that is cheap, light weight, high enough, spacious and doesn’t make you go through all your other necklaces to get to the one you want. Using tie and belt hangers, I was able to display my necklaces with ease. The velvet keeps them from sliding and looks nice. I got two for about three dollars at Storables. They can hang twelve at a time (per hanger). Now I only hang chunky pieces on my large barred jewelry holder because I can easily rearrange those. I hope this idea was helpful for you guys and if you have ideas for me, feel free to comment or email me.image


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