Heatless Curls

imageHeatless curls

Most people know heat damages hair. Since the broad awareness of this, different product companies have released special products that monitor the temperature of their device or decrease damage to hair. Straightening hair, blow drying on high settings and curling wands all takes its toll on our hair. Replacing heat powered methods as much as possible can still benefit the vitality of your hair. This is especially important if the hair has been bleached to a damaging degree, stripped of oils by certain shampoos or is under any other kind of stress.

There are many ways to curl hair without heat. Products and homemade and or self styled methods are available all over the Internet. Different methods produce different results, as a curling wand can give you different sizes of curls , so can different techniques.


Braiding hair does not only produce waves that can vary in size and longevity, braiding is also a great way to grow hair. Braiding your hair keeps it in a nice bundle, protects it from the elements and anything that can pull and break the hair.

By dividing the hair evenly and braiding two pigtails, the waves will be smaller depending on the amount of hair, but will be smaller than one large braids. Keeping the sections in each braid even will determine how long the braid will go until it its cut off by an elastic. This in turn can make the waves extend to the tips of your hair, or will leave a small straight portion which you can fix by using a curling wand on the ends. To receive optimal results, leaving the braids in over night should suffice. The waves in my experience, have always lasted from around seven in the morning to evening.

Fish Tail Braiding

The concept is the same as regular braiding. Your hair is protected some and obtains a curl overnight. The difference is that instead of waves, you end up with what looks like very loose curls. French braiding it from the top and then fish tailing it the rest of the way ensures that you get curlI at the top of you head also.




Head Band Curls

Curls achieved by this method are more like actual curls that generally resemble looser curls from a larger barreled curling wand. This technique will not work for people with short hair and people with really long hair as the head band can become thick after being wrapped with hair multiple times.

imageDo this to the other side, wrapping the hair around the head band


Twisting your hair is like braiding, it is quick after practice, simple and good for sleeping in. Twisting creates a different shape than braiding does. Twisting doesn’t work for everyone, as twisting can easily become un-twisted if there is any slack in the tension of the hair. The twisted hair will want to un twist and because of this, leaving in the twists for at least a whole night with dry hair is recommended.







There are many homemade and bought tools that are great for heartless curls. I have not tried these so I shall include some pictures from other people. Since I do not have first hand experience with any of the items I can only give my opinion of them form what I have heard, but I shall still include them.

Curl Formers

Curl formers are one of the tools that you can buy for heartless curls. They are tubes that when left alone become flat and twist, (but can easily un twist and be opened to pull hair through the tube) that come in different diameters(sizes for different hair thickness). You get a hair threader, and you pull your hair through the tube. Once the hair is pulled through, the tube flattens on your hair and then twists and curls itself. These are cheap and easy. Though I do imagine threading your hair may be easier or harder than it looks.


Sock Bun/Doughnut Bun

The doughnut bun former is easy to find and use. They are at almost any store that has a hair product and accessories section. The concept and idea of achieving curls from the bun form is simply leaving the bun in for a long time. Though the doughnut bun former is very affordable, you can make your own form a sock. You simply take a long sock or tube sock and cut a whole in the toe. Then as if you were cuffing your jeans, starting at the top of the sock, do the same thing turning and rolling the sock outward.


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