Diy Multi Hanger Closet Storage

So I was in my closet the other day and realized that though it was small, I really neede to fit more in it because my drawers were overflowing. Mostly theses were sits and pants. I thought, why should skirts take up so much room when their so small? Well I found a solution.

Go to Target and get a set of hangers, they’re like 5.00 for a good size nice colored pack. You can also purchase pant and skirt clips at some places, I don’t know if they sell at Target or not. Get ten-twenty of these. If you already have skirt hangers, you can get twelve clips. But either way you need at least three for one regular hanger.

The hangers can be any size but the ones I have look like this…..

Pictures of the materials

  • image


The clips I use look like this…

imageWhat you’ll need for a on set that will hang two skirts or pants.

  1. Two hangers, one normal hanger and a skirt hanger or two normal hanger
  2. five clips or three if you already have a skirt hanger
  3. if you don’t have the clips you might be able to use ginger clips
  4. two rubber bands


1. Clip on the first three clips



2. Attach skirt or article of clothing to the hanger, but as you can in the photo these clips slide, the pants are bunching in. image

3. To fix the problem, take your rubber bands and clip the bands to the hanger and stretch them over the hanger.



4. Clip on the third clip to the hanger if you haven’t done so and hook the second hanger through


I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I want to let you guys know that I edit and take most of the photos on my blog. For this post I did some art on it but that’s all.


Now let me hear from you!

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