Chinese New Year

It’s the next month already and I am going to make a Chinese New post on the party etc. that I said I would later today or tomorrow. Great news, I am going to Europe again for a week or something. I’m stopping in Amsterdam, Holland first. Then I’m going to Paris and then Normandy. After that we’re planning on a Nice, France or staying in Paris. Leaving on the 25th of March I think. I really want to shop for clothes now for the trip, but I’ll be broke by the time we get to Europe. If anyone has any ideas suggestions for things to do or go to, wear, bring or suggestions for weather this early feel free to comment or email me.

The last time I was in France I froze my butt off standing I. Line at the Catacombs. A few days before that I was sweating to death in Rome because the subways went on strike. I went in May last time and it was cold.

I will probably make a outfit guide or something before I leave and do a video diary. Let me know in the comments if the outfit guide should be a video or post with a video or just a post with pictures and words.


Now let me hear from you!

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