Taxidermy Jewelry

You might be thinking, ew or gross…. But growing up with a hunter in the family, going to field trials( bird hunting show with dogs) loving anatomy and dead stuff, I was very excited when I found taxidermy jewelry. I have collections of feathers, rabbit pelts, real leather stuff and bear skins.

As a jewelry maker myself and specializing with raw crystals and natural things in my jewelry, the pieces were very appealing to me. Some of the pieces were more grunge, goth and natural looking and vibes. Some of the pieces were fun, edgy and glamorous. Some of these pieces are so creative and I plan to clean my own bones and degrease them and such. So here are pictures of some of my favorite pieces and links to shops on Etsy.

Shop names:


Virginia The Wolf( manages to make her pieces chic, trendy and sparkly)

Bone Jewelry


Black Wolf Trading Post ( some jewelry, but better for assorted bones and pieces to craft with as well as home decor)

Virginia The Wolf:

Real sheep rib bone necklace – choose chain and bone colour!


Real bone jewelry rabbit taxidermy vertebrae gold plated curb chain funky retro vintage abstract necklace

Beautiful taxidermy copper chainmaille body chain body armour jewelry real rabbit femur bone

NEW crystal and emerald green studded rhinestone real crow bird skull Taxidermy with silver plated chain necklace
Real taxidermy weasel rib bones with hand carved clay bead dangly earrings image

Emely Rose Boutique :

Wire Wrapped Vertebrae Ring with Quartz Crystal Pointimage

Womens bone necklace. Animal bone jewelry necklaces Coyote bone




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