Growing up with family members with allergies to metal, I have seen the limits that it can put on someone when buying jewelry. Each person’s allergies are different, but my sister’s are to the extreme, she can’t wear gold, white gold, nickel, stainless steel, rose gold, black hill’s gold, silver, sterling silver, copper, bronze, her braces had to be imported metal from Germany, titanium I think. Last  year I had made it a goal to find jewelry she could wear other than just glass or stone beaded necklaces or bracelets. So I have compiled a list of links and pictures of Etsy shops and product that are metal free or should be metal allergy safe, but still classy and trendy. Many of the Etsy items come in different styles and variations.

Tip: Wear just about any necklace over a button up shirt  if the fabric is thick enough like…

Statment necklace over shirt

1. SloaneJewelryDesign-Etsy

Resin Bangle

Resin bangle


Resin Bangle

Resin Bangle with sprinkles


Resin Ring

Resin Ring


Lucite Choker

Lucite Choker


Lizard Plastic Cuff

Lucite bbangle


Lucite Pave Ring

Lucite swarovski ring

Alexis Bitar-Nordstrom

Lucite Bangle

Lucite Alexis Bittar


Crystal Collar- Wear over a high necked shirt or a collared shirt.

Tasha collar


Now let me hear from you!

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