So Sophisticated!

Here are just a few tips and ideas that can add a bit of sophistication and can make a living space a little more classy and professional.

1. Reflective surfaces  reflect light, when it does, it brings in more light to make the space look larger.

2. Metal elements can add that level of upper class and opulence. Gold or silver vases or accents can make something feel more expensive and metal tones go with almost any color palate.

3. Textures, adding interesting or unique textures to a room can give it a depth and a eclectic or exotic feel. Pillows and upholstery are a easy way to add texture with so many different fabrics to choose from.

4. Leather, real leather is like a leather bag or purse, it adds that extra level of sophistication. Leather is also a classic and is long lasting. Unlike fabrics, you can wipe up spills and have either no trace or a small stain as a result.

5. Bring a bit of life into the room. Living things are fun to have and give a more welcoming aura because the presence of a thriving living thing is inviting. A plant that can grow indoors is a great way to liven up a area. Fish tanks and aquariums also are great as they can bring and light through the tank to.




Now let me hear from you!

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