Being Original

Being a fashion blogger or someone who’s into fashion, acquiring inspiration from popular websites and photos that show the latest trends for whatever style you wear, you probably notice a pattern with the style and photos people post that change with the seasons and years. As much as it might be sad to say, a lot of the time when a new popular trend or when you draw inspiration from a style for an outfit, your look may not actually be that original. Of course you and your physical looks and own personal touches can make it your own, but in the whole scheme of things, your outfit may not be so original all the time.

To further understand what I am saying, last year in the summer, crop tops, boho, tribal, festival, midi rings and flash tattoos were all over Pinterest, celebrities, online stores, department stores and probably your friends and just about every other girl at a music festival or summer party.What is popular and new for the runways and the season is in the stores and on celebrities, people follow celebrities and draw inspiration from them, when shopping for clothes in the summer you buy what’s in the store or online which is most likely what is in style, people and bloggers post pictures of their outfits on social media where people also draw inspiration.

Now everyone is different and someone could tell you from another person. Even though your personal style usually manages to appear in your outfits, sometimes it’s so small that unless your in close quarters or engaging with someone they probably wont notice. People are usually busy with their own thing and may not register detail or care to analyze your outfit. It’s ok to follow trends, just know that a lot of other girls will to and might have a similar look. Next time you put together an outfit, try something new or unexpected. Be different and add that touch that makes you stand out and says your outfit is trendy but not like everyone else’s, don’t let people say all they saw that summer or winter was girls in knee high boots and trench coats.



Now let me hear from you!

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