Reuse and Recycle the Holi

1. We all have received those pretty presents in those beautiful boxes that make it impossible to throw away or to use as a gift to someone else but have no other use. They might accumulate odds and trinkets over time, but overall they probably just sit there serving no real purpose. Try arranging the boxes in a classy artistic way to make a nice decorative display. Different shapes, sizes and colors can make the display playfull and fun. You can even change out the boxes for the seasons and occasions.



2.  For those boxes you don’t wish to display, keeping a few can be handy when you have small pieces of jewelry or gifts that weren’t pre wrapped. They can also be reused as storage boxes as well depending on the type of box.

3. If you buy high quality wrapping paper, often when you unwrap the gift, the paper doesn’t rip easily and you can just pull the tape apart. These large sheets of still good paper can make great scrapbook paper. It’s also a great way to get a lot of the same patterned paper as well or larger sheets of it.



Now let me hear from you!

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