Art Deco

The Art Deco period began in the 1920s in Europe and was the age of Flapper dresses and jazz. It was influenced by the desire for exotic and the end of petticoats and large lacy gowns. The loose fits of dresses and angular and geometric shapes were very popular. The loose fits and flowing shiny fabrics were thought to bring out the natural shape of a woman’s body. Chrome and mirrored tiles and shiny fabrics, ebony, onyx and other blacks were used. The black was new in contrast to pastel colors used in the Victorian era.

One of biggest designers in the Art Deco era was Coco Chanel she was the center of attention after she came back from vacation with a new body tan. Her new ways, simple designs and other ideas influenced the period. She designed her clothing to fit the set of mind that woman had. Woman wanted to be free and to be out from under the rules of society.

Chanel used lots of men’s fabrics in her designs. She didn’t use extra materials for decoration like ruffles or lace, but instead used beads and embroidery  to keep it simple. Woman could wear pieces of jewelry instead of lots of layers that they used in the Victorian period. Chanel  was successful with her line of clothing and accessories. Chanel was an influential woman for the period throughout Europe and deco


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