Boho/ Gypsy Chic

dolce and gabbanaSo I’m going to my first renaissance fair, something I’ve always wanted to do, I’m planning on wearing a piece that includes authentic historical romani/gypsy styles. Like… They believed the legs and lower part of the body is unclean, so they adorn the torso and upper extremities ( that means arms) with jewels and bright colors. They always had  the top separated from the skirts, so I’m going to wear a crop top. I’m planning on wearing an eclectic style of jewelry. The gypsy people were originally from India, being nomadic other cultures and styles influenced their lifestyles. I love Indian, Asian, African, Celtic and middle eastern jewelry, so I’m resorting to large warehouse of  jewelry from around the world and of those styles. Like the Dolce and Gabanna necklace on the left, the Gypsy people often showed their wealth and transported it by making it into jewelry.

The interesting thing is that they were quite conservative, they wore their skirts at least to mid calf or lower, but they had no real rules about amount of cleavage a woman showed. I really want to keep chic but authentic enough to give that vibe of boho, gypsy.I’ ll post pictures of my outfit and comment or email me on what you’d where to a renaissance fair or any tips or ideas for a gypsy outfit. 🙂 🙂


Now let me hear from you!

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