Nail Tips

1.Perfect Stripes-Paint a base coat of nail polish. Then cut Washi tape into small thin strips and lay them over your nail when your base coat has dried. Paint over your nail. Once the polish isn’t drippy, peel off the tape.

2.Hair dryer-Try using a hair dryer on low to dry your nails when in a rush. Be sure to keep the hair dyer far enough from your nails so that the air wont push the nail polish away.

3. Paint Brushes-For smaller details, use paint brushes with different sized tips and shapes.

4. Don’t Layer-Always remove old polish before painting a new fresh coat, unless you are touching up. Layering on top of multiple layers of polish makes it look uneven and it is more likely to chip as well.

5. Sandy-Sand is a great texture adder. Before you colors dry, sprinkle a thin layer of fine grain sand over your nails. Then put a top coat for protection. To  make it sparkly, add glitter on top of the sand.

6. Spongy-Use a fine spore sponge to add a unique look to your nails. Dip the sponge in nail polish. Make sure you don’t have globs of polish on the sponge. Then dab it on your nails.

7. Small Dots-For finer dots, ends of bobby pins work great. Dip the rounded and pronged end of the bobby pin into nail polish. Dab on your nail to create dots.

8. White Nails-Lemons are useful for cooking, removing stains, but did you know that they are also great on nails? Lemons naturally whiten and strengthen nails. Slice lemons and squeeze and let them float tin a bowl of water. Then dip and rub your nails in it.


Now let me hear from you!

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