Designer For Less

It’s hard when you spot the perfect pair of shoes or bag, but later learn that it is a million bucks because it’s “Designer”. So your always o  the look out for those brands you love on sale or for less.

There are some brands like Chanel who make sure their products never go on sale, but there are some great places that have some great brands form the runway for less. Of course you can scout your local mall’s sale racks but here’s list of great stores that sell top brands like Dolce and Gabanna, Lanvin and other brands for less.

  • The Outnet often has designer products for up to 55% off the original price, sometimes even 60 or 70% off.
  • Overstock has a range of different products and brands, but under their woman’s section they have their designer section where you can find Prada and other brands for less.
  • Bluefly has a great selection of products from great designers for good deals.
  • T.J.Max is a good source for well known designers and other great brands.
  • Shop It To Me is another great site with some of the best brands, common and not so common. Their selection is fabulous, though their deals are not as low as Outnet, but worth checking out.

Now let me hear from you!

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