ABC’s Shoe Guide

  • Espadarille-A sandal or shoe with woven rope or similar material  covering the wedge or sole of the shoe.
  • Clog-Closed sole and  open heel with a platform sole.
  • Cowboy Boots-Pointed toe boot with intricate stitching and a slight curved heel.
  • Flats-Shoes that have no heel height or platform sole.
  • Jellies-A manmade shoe with soft rubbery type materials.
  • Loafer-A step in shoe that has no laces or buckles.
  • Mary Jane-A short heeled shoe with a strap across the instep.
  • Moccasin-Slip on shoes with visible stitching around the edge of the toe box this creates a gathered effect.
  • Oxfords-It has laces over the instep on a low shoe.
  • Peep Toe-A shoe with a open toe in the front
  • Platforms-A shoe with a thick sole on the heel and toe.
  • Riding Boots-Boots made of leather made for riding that come up just below the knee.
  • Sandals-Open toed and back shoe with only straps over and across the top.
  • Stacked Heel-Layers of leather made to look like wood when layered into a heel.

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